20 Dec 2012

The Live Factory Relaunch

One of the ventures that I have been involved with this year, I've met some really great people and learnt a lot so far. The Live Factory is a platform for artists to showcase their craft in an intimate and diverse setting. If you are in the London area this January....come out and prepare to be entertained.


Hey You,

I haven't been entirely committed to this venture I admit. I will not let this blog die in the small cloud of dust that it started. In a combination of being inspired by the finale of Gossip Girl and all my goings on for the past nine months, I have returned.
I promise...it will be like I've never left.

26 Feb 2012

Tyler Perry in Good Deeds

There hasn't been a Tyler Perry Film that I have not watched. In my opinion I feel like this man receives a lot of unjust criticism for the subject matter of his movies and plays. If you look past the comedic attributes of Madea, you find a message which is very profound.

This film seems to be one of those movies that is definitely a must-see.

Synopsis: Right before his impending nuptials a businessman Wesley Deeds starts to develop complicated feelings for a single mom and these feelings cause him to re-evaluate everything in his life.

Watch the trailer below:

CK-Clothing Line Shoots in Manchester

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being present at one of the UK's up and coming clothing line's first photo shoot.
An innovative concept in which, traditional african fabrics are sewn and designed around current fashion trends enabling those who don't want to fully relenquish their cultural roots.

That day I had to demand that I be put on the pre order list, these clothes are so fabulous. (Not sure they took me seriously though)

While I wait in anticipation for my pre-sample pieces, here is a photo from that day.

Cynikal-We Found Love (Acoustic Cover)

I saw this guy perform at an One Mic UK event, liked what I heard and started following him on Twitter. This is a video, he posted recently: